About the artist...

I began Scraps 35 years ago as a family project - a Christmas present for my mother-in -law. She loved swimming in the ocean at Carpinteria and looking back at the beach, the mountains and the sky. I wanted my children to have a part in creating a gift for Gramma Jane. It didn’t take long for the kids to be pushed to the side. I had discovered my medium.

In June of 2019  I retired from teaching high school theatre, Bullard High School's Feast of Fools. I knew that my retirement career was to pursue my love for the art that I had squeezed into occasional  free moments and summer vacations I enjoyed as a teacher.  I'm enjoying a studio/gallery away from home that finally allows me a dedicated space for my creativity.



When I was 7 years old, my mom had me take a summer art class with water colors, taught by Jan Darling. She was my first and best art teacher. One of the first projects I did was to cut up magazine pictures and create a mosaic. That simple project was the inspiration for the collages I now create.

Over the past 35 years I have created over 75 pieces of art from recycled magazines - repurposed scraps of color and texture. My palette is created as I rip through many magazines at a time, surrounding myself with stacks of pages that find their way into file folders. Originally I worked only with torn scraps. Eventually I allowed myself the use of scissors, especially in human forms. At times the scrap I think I need is impossible to find. Improvisation then becomes the name of the game. Sometimes the best effects are the result of happy accidents. 


I enjoy incorporating recognizable images into my collages. Have fun playing “Where’s Waldo?” Enjoy the big picture, but take a closer look to discover what’s hidden.

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